Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Savoring the Cupcakes

Every campus is different.  No ministry the same.  Even our missions can vary somewhat from context to context... 

One thing we share, however, is our need for encouragement in the midst of our service.  

Whether we consider our ministries to be widely successful, or sparsely fruitful, seeing students 'get it' can be as sweet as the tastiest of treats.  

A few months ago I had a colleague show up in the doorway of my office with an incredible-looking cupcake in her hand.  She knew that I had been in the midst of a challenging season of ministry on campus, but happened to find me with a big smile on my face...
when she asked what my smile was all about, I was all to excited to share about the great conversation I had just had with a student who really 'got it'.  She smiled and put the cupcake down on my desk.  When I questioned her about the cupcake she said that a student she had spent a lot of time investing in had just popped in with some cupcakes for her... a small token of her appreciation.

It was a good day for both of us.  

As we sat and savored our cupcakes, we talked about just how sweet it really is when students 'get it' and were reminded of why we do what we do.  

God IS at work on our campuses!  

When we're in the trenches of ministry day-to-day we can sometimes fail to see it... so when God offers of a 'cupcake' in the form of a student who says 'thank you' or suddenly 'gets it'... it is worth taking the time to savor the goodness of God at work of the students we serve.

Failing to savor the tangible, visible work of God in our midst would be tragic!  


How do you see God at work in your ministry context?

Do you take the time to savor the gifts, growth or thankful students in your midst?

What are the challenges you face in this regard?

I'd love to hear your thoughts.