Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The [Un]Scheduled Pastor

Have you ever been asked, "What's a 'typical' day in your job like?"  If so, I'm guessing your answer was something like, "There is no typical day... they're all quite different."

Last week I asked the question [in my weekly poll], "How many weekly (repeating) meetings do you hold?"

Respondent's answers ranged from the (0-2) category to the (10-12) category.  Based on these results, a 'typical' day in the life of a college minister may include NO regular/weekly/repeating meetings - OR no more than 2 or 3 - which leaves a lot of unscheduled time to be well utilized.

This seems right to me.  I've had days, even weeks, where special events were happening, or student leader interviews were being conducted - something BIG that seemed to take up the majority of my time on campus - and it left me feeling a bit too tied down.  Do you know what I mean?

When I look at the life and ministry of Jesus I see Someone who was purposeful and intentional, but also open and available.

Jesus seemed to always be on His way somewhere - to be a part of some festival, service, gathering or personal encounter with someone/s - so He moved throughout the land with intention and purpose.  But He also seemed to ALWAYS have time for what appeared to be 'random,' unscheduled encounters that were not on His ministry itinerary.

I believe there's something in here for each of us - and the way we keep our schedules.  

Here are a few questions to consider as you review your own calendar:

  • How many weekly/repeating meetings do I keep?  Why?
  • Who am I meeting regularly with?  Why?
  • What are these regularly schedule meetings producing?  Should they continue?
  • Do I have regular meetings with the students I serve?  Student leaders?  Peers and/or accountability partners?  Advisors that are helping to guide and shape me as a minister?
  • How am I using my unscheduled time?  Am I making good use of it?
  • Is my unscheduled time balanced between being out on campus and taking care of things in the office?  Does one of these areas need more attention than it's currently getting?
  • Do I need more scheduled time?
  • Do I need more unscheduled time?
I know that with the summer 'break' right around the corner, I'll be taking some time to review my schedule and assess how I'm making use of my daily/weekly/monthly time.  I'm curious to see what it might reveal to me about my life and/or ministry that I have not noticed before... and I hope that it might lead to more effective and fruitful daily work!  Who doesn't want that?

Are there comments, suggestions, or questions you have?  Please share them below!  And if you haven't yet, please take the poll in the sidebar - this week's question: What's the biggest issue facing graduating seniors?

Grace and peace fellow servant!